Metallic Country Christmas Tree

By: Fusebox 11/19/2021

Metallic Country Christmas Tree

Happy Friday!!! This week started off so slow for me, and then I blinked and here we are, back to Friday. It’s been a busy week with client appointments and projects, but lots of exciting things happening. I’m hopeful that I can start sharing more client work after the holidays. Last week was all about fall decor, and now I’m sharing our Christmas tree! This year I went with a metallic meets rustic theme. I had the majority of the ornaments, and only added a few wooden accents to make it feel a little more country.

Flocked Tree

Last year I bought a flocked tree and it’s definitely a love/hate relationship. It’s a beautiful tree, and honestly needs very little to look good, but it is SO MESSY!!! Anyone else feel the same way about their flocked trees? We have a pretty large storage room so I’m hoping this year I can just carry the tree downstairs after the holiday and not take it apart. I’m thinking this will be less messy?!?


Here are all the goodies I used for my tree this year. Lots of metallic ornaments in a variety of tones and textures, wood accents, glittered poinsettias, extra branches, silver mesh ribbon, and felt ball garlands.

Christmas Tree Decorating Process

I started by weaving ribbon towards the back of the Christmas tree. It fills it in nicely and gives a little sparkle to the inside of tree.

Next I added felt/wood ball garlands that I bought a few years back. From there, I hang my largest, most prominent ornaments. I also do any ornaments that hang down. I then fill in with my smaller, simpler ornaments. Last minute I decided to add in my blue and navy ornaments for a little color. I put my special ornaments on after, so they are front and center. I then fill in gaps with extra branches and greens. My tree is a little tall for this space, so I need to bend the tip down some. I have peacock feathers that I plan to tuck in top for my topper, but I didn’t find them until after I took these photos.


What I Bought New

The things that I bought new this year were these wood beads, wood bead snowflakes, and this set of antique ornaments, which are even prettier in person. The beads are meant to be napkin rings, but they worked perfect on the tree. I also bought the plaid “tree skirt”, which is actually a round tablecloth. Hot tip right there, if you can’t find a tree skirt that you like, look for alternative options. Tablecloths, fur blankets (I’ve done this before), a chunky knit throw, etc. There are usually far more options, and often they are less expensive, too. Win win! I also had purchased these and these, which were really pretty, but ended up not needing them.

We’re hosting my family for Thanksgiving this year, so I was originally thinking I’d only do my tree and leave my fall decorations up until after that, but now I think I’m going to finish decorating for Christmas this weekend. Plus, when you have two cute helpers like these two, how can you not want to keep decorating! Hope you have a great weekend!!!!