Water Closet Wallpaper

By: Fusebox 02/16/2022

Water Closet Wallpaper

A super fast and fun post to remind you that taking design chances are worth the risk! I knew I wanted to add wallpaper or wood wall treatments to a few other areas in our home, but I wanted to wait until after we moved in. With new construction, there are A LOT of design decisions to be made. And while it’s nice to have the majority finalized and finished before move in, I do like to leave a little breathing room to add a few extras down the road after seeing how a space feels. One of those areas was the water closet in our bathroom. The door is always open, unless in use, and is directly next to the vanity and very visible. It felt like a white hole staring back at me, so I figured why not treat this like a powder bathroom and wallpaper the room!

Wallpaper Pattern

Once I committed to wallpaper, I was all over the board with pattern- floral, stripes, grasscloth, but I kept coming back to this fawn print.

We watch no less than ten deer every morning in our backyard, so I figured it was fitting to bring a bit of the deer inside. Well, I left the sample taped up for a solid month before just saying, YOLO!!!! So without further ado, my fawn covered water closet!!

So, what do you think? Love it or did I go too far?! I’m fully aware this paper is not going to be for everyone. It’s a little bold, but the colors look fantastic with our marble floor and white oak vanity, and it fits the overall modern rustic look we have in our home. The water closet feels cozy now, which is a super strange thing to say, but it’s true. It’s a chic little space and the paper really finished off the bathroom.

*Side note- this paper would be darling as an accent in a nursery!!