Powder Bathroom Design and Flooring Progress

By: Fusebox 07/30/2021

Powder Bathroom and Flooring

We are in the home stretch and it is all hands on deck. The landscapers are knocking out a lot of work (more details on that soon) and the painters are done except for the garage and touchups. Today is all about the powder bathroom design and flooring progress, and how the flooring install has lead to a last minute change in the powder bathroom.

Flooring Progress- Basement

The flooring in the basement has been put down and it has completely changed the look of the space. We decided to go with LVP because of the ease with kids and a dog. The tradeoff in the basement is that it will be colder on our feet, but I LOVE a great area rug. Rugs can completely change the look of a room and are, of course, easier to swap out if they get ruined than a floor full of carpet. We think in the long run, this will be a good choice for our family. You can read more about the basement design here.

Flooring Progress- Main Level

Flooring has just started to go in on the main level, so I only have a few photos. We planned to do real hardwood upstairs and went back and forth a 100 times. Ultimately, the durability and low maintenance of LVP won out again. We did go with a higher quality option upstairs, which, in my opinion, has a more realistic white oak look. I would have loved to have used this in the basement as well, but this annoying little thing called a budget got in the way. However, I think the slightly warmer tone works well in the basement.

The one and only area we have carpet in the house is on the stairs going to the basement. It should be installed on Monday and I cannot wait to see how this looks!

Powder Bathroom Design

Finally, this leads me to the powder bathroom. It’s no secret that I LOVE wallpaper, especially in a powder bathroom. I never like to put myself into a box when it comes to design, but if I had to choose one, it would be the “almost always wallpapers a powder bathroom” box! Ha! I love making a big statement in a small room that gets used a lot by everyone. With all that being said, the wallpaper was definitely the jumping off point for this design. I have been a huge fan of Morris & Co. wallpaper for awhile, and I completely fell for the Pimpernel pattern. The one I chose is very neutral and almost has a faded look to it.

Powder Bathroom Design-Vanity

I wanted the vanity to look like an antique piece of furniture. It’s being built onsite and is free-standing piece with reeded drawers fronts, and will be topped with a marble counter that will run up the wall in a pretty design. I selected a contemporary wall-mounted brass faucet and brass knobs to finish off the vanity. A carved mirror with a single glass hanging pendant compliments the vanity, without taking away from it.

Powder Bathroom- Flooring

I mentioned that the flooring install brought a last minute change to the powder bathroom design. I was asked if we were planning to run the LVP into the powder, which I was, but then I got to thinking (this is usually when it ends badly for Ryan) that our vanity in there is white oak and the the mirror is also wood. Using white oak-looking flooring seemed like a missed opportunity to do something fun. It also had the potential to cause an issue if the all the different wood tones didn’t work well together. A quick trip to the tile shop with my wallpaper sample lead to finding this gray marble tile that has a small scale pattern that works really well with the wallpaper and the white oak of the vanity. Sometimes all it takes is one last element to finish a design off.

What’s Next

Now that the powder bathroom design has been finalized and the flooring progress is moving along, there aren’t a lot of decisions left to make. It’s mostly just time for the subs to get in and work their magic. Electricians have started today and appliances will be going in the week of the 16th. Plumbing fixtures will be installed soon and the tile installer and trim carpenters will come back to finish.

We leave for Florida today with Ryan’s family for an entire week! It’s the perfect time to take a mind break from this house and from work in general. I have so many fantastic client projects going right now that I hope to share on here soon. Have a great weekend!!!