Welcome to the Dark Side

By: Fusebox 05/06/2021

Black Beauty

Our house was painted this week and it has made all my dark exterior dreams come true!! The painters were finishing up the spraying while we were there, and we literally were able to watch our home transform before our eyes. They painted our entire house in about 1.5 days, with a big chunk of that being prep (taping/covering windows, roof line, etc.). It was exciting to watch them work.

Dark Exterior Paint Color

Our final paint selection for our dark exterior was Sherwin Williams- Iron Ore. It is a dark charcoal gray with the slightest brown undertones depending on the light. From a distance it almost reads black, but up close you can see a clear difference between the siding and our black windows and doors. I’m sure our neighbors have driven by saying, “I can’t believe they painted their house black!”. HAHAHA! We love it already, but once the stone is up and the landscaping and grass are in, we know it will be a homerun. Speaking of stone- that should be going up in the next week, as will most of our concrete work. I will share more on the plans for concrete next week.

Dark Exterior Inspiration

I’ll wrap this by sharing a few inspiration photos for our dark home. So, are you a fan or do you think we are crazy?!?

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*To see more of our modern country home, click for the kitchen plan and the primary bathroom plan.