House Update- Primary Bedroom and Bathroom

By: Fusebox 10/06/2021

Primary Bedroom and Bathroom Updates

Welcome back!  I have a few quick posts lined up to share updates on our home, starting with the primary bedroom and bathroom. We have been officially living in our house for about five weeks and have loved every minute of it! We worked our tails off to get ourselves settled and it really feels like our home now. Turns out country living is just what we needed in our busy lives!

Primary Bedroom

While our bedroom is far from done, I’m also not unhappy with where it is now. In my original design plan, I had sourced beautiful new, linen-look nightstands. Since they were on backorder I decided to hold off until after we had moved in, and I’m glad that I did. While the others would continue the light, airy feel I’m going for, I actually don’t mind how our existing look in here.

In our previous home, we used this leaner mirror in our foyer. While it didn’t work in our current entry, it did work in our bedroom. The dark finish ties in nicely with the nightstands and creates some contrast from all the light colors in here.

I love the detail on my black and white bench, but it obviously doesn’t work on this rug. I’ve gone back and forth on a few but I think this one might be it! The bedroom pictures are a little dark but the indigo color of the bench is also in the rug. This bench is longer than my current one but I think that will be a good scale for the space.

While I haven’t purchased new bedding yet (considering linen), I did swap out a few of the throw pillows for a more fall look. Hoping to get one large lumbar pillow for in front of the euros but I had this smaller one on hand and the colors worked. I also am still on the fence about continuing with the wallpaper on the other three walls, although I think it would make the room feel really cozy. I want to add a gallery wall in here using vintage frames and prints. Think shades of brown, brass and black for a dominantly neutral grouping. Plan to work on collecting these before making a decision on the wallpaper

Primary Bathroom

You may have caught the picture I shared on Instagram of the shower/tub area already, but this entire space is almost done. While the brass mirrors are pretty in the bathroom, they are temporary until our black recessed medicine cabinets get installed. I think an extra touch of black is exactly what the space needs to feel more modern. *UPDATE: medicine cabinets are in and they look fantastic!! I’ll try to get an updated picture soon.

These shelves are a total work-in-progress. I used all things I had already, so I imagine these will change around in the coming weeks.

One thing you may not realize is that when you’re doing custom showers, you can’t measure for the glass until the tile is in. The glass then takes around six weeks or longer to get. While we are still waiting for our glass, we have been able to use our shower with no issues other than feeling a draft.

Aside from the tile and porcelain sheets, one of my favorite details are the inset cane panels on the cabinet doors of the vanity and the linen cabinet.

Wrapping It Up

I’m pleased with our primary and bathroom progress. While professional photos of our house have been delayed because of missing furniture and seasonal decorating, I do plan to continue to share updates here… sprinkled in with some holiday decorating.

Work has been busy with beautiful new custom homes, a few renovations, and others that are furniture and accessories only. I feel so fortunate to be doing the work that I love. I plan to take you along for the ride for the custom homes, sharing the details along the way right here. Get ready to see some really cool projects very soon.