Thanksgiving Table Decor

By: Fusebox 11/04/2021

Thanksgiving Table Decor and Holiday Decorating

Halloween Wrap-Up

We survived Halloween! I was flying solo so I met up with my sister and nephew and trick-or-treated over near her hood on the cutest streets in Beaverdale. Both boys were dressed as dinosaurs and had the best time. Baker just rode in the stroller but Teddy was ALL ABOUT the candy this year and said “Happy Trick-or-Treat” at every house. Even though my answer was one piece every time, Teddy still insisted on asking “Mama, how many?” at every. single. house. before digging into the candy bowl to pick a piece.

Decorating for the Holidays

So, are you the type of person to pack away Halloween immediately? I finally took mine down on Tuesday. Fall will stay up BUT I’m definitely on team put the Christmas tree up early. We are hosting Thanksgiving for my family so I don’t want it to feel like full-blown Christmas for that so I’ll probably only put up my big tree that goes in our main living room. As a professional mover (Ryan and I have shared 4 apartments and 7 houses in the 14 years we’ve been married), I know that the first year in a home it takes the longest to decorate. Trying to figure out where all the things will go and if you need anything new to fill the gaps. It’s fun, but can feel overwhelming, too.

Thanksgiving Table

My Thanksgiving table is super simple this year. We purchased a new table for this home that feels as if it could be a French antique. This one is sold to-the-trade only, but if you’re interested in more details, you can message me. I did come across this one that I absolutely love. The fluting detail is gorgeous!!!!! This farmhouse style option has a pretty finish. The chairs are also new and can be purchased through me as well. I love that caning has come back and I’ve used it a few places in our home, including in our primary bathroom.

My placemats were leftover from my shop in Houston, but a few similar sets here and here. The napkin rings are super inexpensive from Hobby Lobby. These are the same but say blessed instead of thankful. This brass option is really pretty, too. These are my exact black dishes. While I had my eye on this set, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to commit to black dishes. I usually like to mix high and low pieces, so I figured this was a good place to save some money to see if I’m 100% sold on black dishes or if they are just a phase. Ha!

The vases and magnolia leaves are also from my shop. I actually have one set of the vases left if someone is interested in purchasing them.

I purchased the light fixture directly, but it can be found here. It comes in a lot of different finishes and is a beautiful fixture. This one is slightly smaller, but a good dupe for half the price.

That really rounds out the table. I plan to add some brass candle sticks and I’d really love to purchase either black or brass flatware to use for holidays. We recently started having dinner in here with the boys in an effort to make our meals a bit more intentional, and I love eating in this space even more than I thought I would. The deer are usually making their way back to our yard about this time and the tree view is pretty special, too.

Magnolia Leaves . Candle Sticks . Silverware . Napkins

Living Room

I’m writing up a very quick post on our living room to share how it looks right now with minimal fall decor. I’ll dive into the space a bit more once I decorate for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I’m pulling together the details for my tree this year. I’m going with a slightly different theme, but plan to reuse some of my ornaments from the years past. A few of the elements have been arriving and I’m excited to share how it comes together. Will you be decorating for Christmas soon?