Trim Update- First Floor

By: Fusebox 06/17/2021

Trim Update

This will be a quick post today to share a bit of the millwork progress. The trim crew has moved out of the house temporarily. They will be back to do all the finish work once paint and the flooring are in.

Living Room Trim Details

The white oak beams are up on the ceiling and they turned out fantastic! They will remain close to this color, but the coloring will be evened out (next week I’ll share the lighting for the living, dining and entry). The fireplace will have stacked stone and the mantle is white oak to match the beams. The built-ins, shelves, and vertical paneling are also completed, and will be painted a neutral greige (gray + beige) color.

To give you a sense of layout, the photo above is taken from the dining/living area looking towards the kitchen. The doorway on the far left in the kitchen leads to the powder bathroom and the garage. This then takes you to the hallway behind the kitchen which leads to the laundry and our bedroom. Looking at the front doors, the office is to the left. Directly behind the fireplace are the stairs that lead to the basement. The secondary bedrooms and bathrooms are also on that side of the house.


Horizontal paneling has been added on a wall in the office, BUT this is the last time you will see this room white. While most of the house will have fairly light walls, this room is going dark and moody. I will share more details on this space, and how we are utilizing pieces that we already own.


When you walk in from our garage there is a coat closet and a wood locker system. This will be painted the same color as our island except for the white oak seat. There are spaces below to slide baskets for shoes, closed storage for coats and future backpacks, and space above for baskets for hats and mittens. Below you can see a little peak into the powder bathroom.


Our Bedroom

Straight down the hall from the garage door is our bedroom. The only big change in this room is that the ceiling now has beams with planking between. This feature created some interest in an otherwise square room, and addressed the tray ceiling, which was a miss on our plans. While I wish I was hanging a beautiful chandelier in here, we are ‘Team Ceiling Fan’ when it comes to bedrooms. I’m hopeful that the one I selected won’t stand out too much once the room is completed. The bedroom design is still a work in progress, but I plan to share it in the coming weeks. I shared the bathroom design here.

Up Next

The painters are moving in next. They should start prepping this week, which will take several days to get windows covered and trim taped. This crew will be painting the walls and spraying the cabinets that were built onsite. After paint, the floor will go in, which is the element I have been waiting for. From there the electricians, tile, plumbing, wallpaper, and the trim crew will be back to finish out the interior of the job. Whew! A lot happens the last eight weeks and I am ready to share it all with you!