Water Closet Wallpaper

By: Fusebox 10/07/2021

Wallpaper in a Water Closet

Two posts in two days?! I don’t even know who I am right now! Yesterday I shared updated bathroom photos here if you missed it. I wanted to do a quick follow-up post because I’ve decided to wallpaper the water closet in our bathroom. The w.c. is located next to our vanity and is visible right when you walk into our bathroom. And unless someone is using it, the door is left open, which feels like an opportunity to do something fun. I’m thinking of this space almost like I would a powder bathroom, which in the Wild Rose Interiors universe usually means wallpaper! I know I could easily hang a piece of art and call it a day, but don’t you think a little peek-a-boo of paper in here will be great?!

Wallpaper Options

I want something interesting that doesn’t take anything away from the tile. I’ve narrowed it down to a few options, and have one or two that I’m leaning towards, but figured it would be fun to share them here, too.

-Option 1: Grass stripe. This has actual texture to the paper. Simple, but pretty.

Option 2: Woven chevron. Also has texture to the paper. Very warm.

-Option 3: Deer! Whimsical and appropriate since we watch deer in our yard every single day.

-Option 4: Washy Plaid. Very neutral and ties in with the plaids found throughout the house.

-Option 5: Chevron. Light, neutral and simple.

So which one do you like best? Would you think I’m crazy if I said I’m leaning towards the deer? It’s just so darling and funky, and definitely not the expected choice. Modern and rustic, which is how I like to think of our home. Plus, when else will I get the chance to use deer wallpaper?!

Excited to share the kitchen and living room updates next week!!